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Project Biennial D-0 ARK Underground

26 Apr 2016 - 26 Sep 2016

The intention of the project is to transform the Object ARK into a prestigious regional cultural institution that stays at the forefront in research and promotion of new artistic trends. 

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Konjic hotels and tours


Konjic is attractive because of its rich nature which completely surrounds the city. Neretva River flowing through the center, while mountain Prenj hovering behind.

The old town is very nice for walking, as well as the city center, from which in every direction there is an interesting view of the surrounding countryside. The main street is often closed to motor traffic, and then packed with people strolling and sitting in cafes or simply selling their wares at the market near the river. People from Konjic are very pleasant and friendly, and anyone can simply ask for directions on how to get to what interests you or just engage in small talk.

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While in Konjic, you must walk the restored stone bridge. Bridge was built in year 1682, but was demolished in the 1945 with the withdrawal of the German army. The bridge was again restored in 2009.

From the early 1900s Konjic is famous for its woodcarving. This craft has been commercialized in the early 20th century with the arrival of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Before World War I Konjic had many woodcarving workshops, which sold carved furniture across the Austrian-Hungarian and beyond. Special artifacts are inherited and passed down from generation to generation. Family Niksic is one of the few remaining families which still carry this family tradition, which began in 1927. Their handicrafts are mostly built in walnut, cherry and maple, and most were made to order and custom. Today you can find these artifacts in the two stores, one to another, in Varda street no. 2: "Brothers Niksic" and "Handicrafts". Furniture Niksic was declared asvmovable heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006.

Detailed information about the artifacts can be found on www.bracaniksic.com and www.rukotvorine.com


Another famous family known for woodcarving is family Mulić. Their firm "Mulić Record" was founded back in the 1929th , by Ismail Mulić. Since 1955, the ground floor of their family home was converted into a museum and thus became available to the public, and has remained to this day. Any additional information about the company, the museum and its products can be found at www.drvorezbarstvo.com.

The center of tourism is certainly Boracko lake and valley Glavatičevo. Around this partially glacial lake are bungalows, hotels and camping. Most outdoor activities moving away: hiking, camping, rafting, roural tourism, kayaking or canoeing, mountain biking and even paragliding.

1st day – Thursday – Arrival at the base Džajića buk till dinner 
2nd day – Friday - Tour of the facility D0 "Tito's Bunker" and woodcarving museum in Konjic
3rd day - Rafting on the Neretva River in the length of 20 km - "Adventure told by the language of nature" 
4th day – Hiking on Prenj mountain through “Tobacco smuggling route” from 300 to 1050 m and Departure after lunch from the base Džajića Buk
Alternative: coming Friday till 9 pm, and departure on Monday after breakfast

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1st day –  Check-in
2nd day – Rafting on the Neretva River in the length of 20 km - "Adventure told the language of nature"
3rd day - Tour of the facility D0 "Tito's Bunker" and art galleries

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If you are looking for some adrenaline then you're at the right place! Best rafting experience at the emerald of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Neretva river.

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A hostel type accommodation located in the valley of the river Neretva, thus surrounded by nature.

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