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Day 1 - Thursday - Arrival at the base Džajić Buk to dinner

  1. Arrival at the base Džajića Buk - parking secured for guests arriving with their own car
  2. Transfer from Konjic (bus, train station) provided
  3. Transfer from the airport in Sarajevo and Mostar to the base with a fee of 10 EUR/per person
  4. Coffee, drinks, accommodation in rooms (2-8 beds), getting informed about the program
  5. 9 pm dinner, music - choice from Jukebox 

Day 2 - Friday - Tour of Object D0 "Tito's Bunker" and woodcarving museum in Konjic

  1. 9 am coffee & breakfast
  2. 10 am transfer to Konjic, visit the museum "Mulić record", a tour of the old bridge
  3. 11 am transfers and visits to the facility "Ark 0" - Tito's bunker
  4. 1 pm lunch at the base "Džajića buk"
  5. Leisure activities, a tour of the village, swimming
  6. 9 pm dinner, music, overnight

Day 3 - Saturday - Rafting on the Neretva River in the length of 20 km - "Adventure told by the language of nature"

  1. 9 am coffee, breakfast, getting ready for rafting
  2. 11 am transfer "Viewpoint-Boracko jezero" - photographing
  3. 12 am transfer Glavaticevo - starting point for rafting 
  4.  2 pm break at the point where Rakitnica river merges with Neretva, swimming, sunbathing 
  5. 4 pm arrival at the base - the end of the rafting - Lunch - Relaxation
  6. 9 pm dinner, music, overnight

Day 4 - Sunday – Mountaineering over tobacco smugglers road from 300 to 1050 meters above see level. 

  1. 9 am coffee, breakfast
  2. 10 am getting ready and departure to the waterfall "Black Vir" - photographing - 300 m above sea level
  3. Continuing to trek to "Vodice" - pause - 500 m above sea level
  4. 11:30 am climbing to the "Lookout" at 700 m above sea level - photographing – and continuing to 1080 m
  5. 12 am descent towards the Lake Boracko (coffee, juice)
  6. 1 pm Transfer to the base DŽAJIĆA buk
  7. 2 pm lunch and departure from camp DŽAJIĆA buk


  • Each raft operated by experienced skippers - IRF license training
  • All rafts are registered and insured with travel insurance for all participants
  • The total length of the Neretva River rafting is 18 km, and the duration of 3.5 h
  • Each participant will receive the rafting equipment for water (jacket, helmet, paddle, diving suits - neoprene, shoes...)
  • In the case that the outside temperature is less than 15'C, we are using the shorter route to the rafting route Džajići - Konjic, length of 7 km (40 min)
  • For mountaineering is necessary to bring adequate footwear