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Neretva Rafting Plaza Dzajica buk  is perfect for guests who want to experience Herzegovina. Besides accommodation Neretva rafting offers activities such as rafting, hiking and organized tours to Konjic, Boracko lake, Tito's bunker, mountain Prenj, Sarajevo, Visoko pyramids, Mostar, Medugorje etc. Our guests will be welcomed by friendly staff and can enjoy beautiful nature and various activities during the day and at night chill by the fire on our private beach or have a couple of drinks in our bar. One more thing we are sure our guests will enjoy is the delicious local cuisine.

Neretva Rafting Plaza Dzajica buk is located in village Dzajici, 6 km upstream Neretva river.


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Hotel Address: Plaza Dzajica buk bb, Konjic

Getting there (local language)

Neretva Rafting Plaža Džajića buk, selo Džajići.

Getting there

From the railway station to center of Konjic you go down the Titova street to traffic light with the street M17 (road Sarajevo-Mostar), then straight ahead to the old bridge (which is only for pedestrians), the old bridge should stay on ones right hand side and should go straight ahead, still along the Titova street until the next bridge. Restaurant Han is located next to the bridge still on ones right hand side. Crossing the bridge one goes from  Titova street to Zuke Džumhura street and there is a road sign which points left to Boračko jezero, Rafting and on the right is the old bridge. Taking the left turn and going along the street ( towards the Boračko lake) the road is alongside the river Neretva which is now on the left hand side. After 1km, hotel Garden city**** is located on the right hand side, after which there is an important crossroad  on a small river called Bijela, there stands a road sign which points left Džajići, and right Boračko lake. Taking the left turn towards Džajići for 4 km, alongside river Neretva one passes a tunnel 150m long and next to the tunnel is a bridge (which leads to Spiljane not Džajići ! ). Going straight ahead (meaning the river Neretva stays on ones left hand side) and 1 km of road more the destination, Džajići, is reached. 

If you are coming by bus it is important to go down the M17 road (Sarajevo- Mostar), and pass a taxi stand and go across the main bridge in Konjic on river Neretva which leads to Titova street, making a right turn here and going down the Titova street the old bridge is reached (which is only for pedestrians) is reached. The rest is the same as explained above.

Also if our guests are interested transport can be organized from Konjic-Dzajici, and Sarajevo-Dzajici.
Our guests can be free to contact us for any additional information or if they have trouble finding us.