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  1. Arrival to the base located 6 km from Konjic in the Village Dzajici, following the river Neretva upstream (latest by 10am)
  2. Coffee, soft drinks, breakfast (traditional meal from corn flour, Bosnian doughnuts, cheese mix ...)
  3. Preparations for rafting - suits and water footwear at disposal
  4. Transport to the starting point for rafting located in Glavaticevo (cca 60 min) where we'll provide you with all informations, a chance to take photos at Boracko lake viewpoint, and to get ready for water
  5. Rafting down the river Neretva to estuary of Rakitnica where we'll have a break perfect for swimming, sunbathing, photographing (cca 30 min)
  6. Continuing the rafting through the canyon to camp in village Dzajici
  7. Arrival to base
  8. Lunch (variety of domestic specialties, coffee, soft drinks)
  9. Music program (jukebox) and getting CDs with photos 
  10. Dinner – 9 pm (trout, potato salad, soft drinks)
  11. Music program till 11 pm
  12. Sleeping in the hostel - bungalow or tent
  13. Day 2 – (coffee, soft drinks, breakfast)
  14. Departure at 10 am


  • Each raft operated by experienced skippers - IRF license training
  • All rafts are registered and insured with travel insurance for all participants
  • The total length of the Neretva River rafting is 18 km with the duration of 3.5 h
  • Each participant will receive the rafting equipment for water (jacket, helmet, paddle, diving suits - neoprene, shoes...)