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We will prepare some of the best specialties of Bosnian cousine. Enjoy in our oasis of tastes, try homemade pita baked under the lid, tasty beans, traditional barbecue, different kinds of sweets or relax with a cup of Bosnian coffee, tea or juice of your choice.

You can use your free moments, between hikes and fun time, for sport activities or board and leisure games, whether you like soccer, volleyball, basketball or you feel more like playing chess, backgammon, dominoes and cards, it’s all ready and waiting on you!

We can offer you optional trips:

  • Short rafting on Neretva river
  • Hiking via the Tobacco Smuggling trail
  • Trip to Boračko lake
  • Visit Marshal Tito’s bunker
  • Olympic mountains skiing trips
  • Trips to Konjic, Mostar or Sarajevo

Optional TRIPS    

1. Short rafting on Neretva river

Rafting length is 7 kilometers and it takes 30 minutes to get from Village Džajići to Konjic
After the rafting a good Bosnian coffee, juice and homemade rakija - local brandy await.

Price 20.-EUR per person

2. Hiking via the Tobacco Smuggling trail

Hiking from Village Džajići via Gakići to Borci and Boračko lake tour, length is 12 kilometers and you’ll have ascent of 500 meters from the start to the end point
Break includes good Bosnian coffee, juice and homemade rakija - local brandy

Price 20.-EUR per person

3. Trip to Boračko lake

Transportation and tour around Boračko lake (you’ll see stećci, Šantić Villa, Lazo Drljača…)
Break includes coffee and juice

Price 15.-EUR per person


4. Visit Marshal Tito’s bunker

Tour includes visit to the art gallery of the Tito’s bunker*
                *earlier booking and confirmation needed to insure government permission to enter the bunker

Price 10.-EUR per person


5. Trip to  Konjic

Museum tour:  Homeland museum, Zuka’s House,  Mulić’s Record - wood etchings museum
Break includes coffee and juice

Price 10.-EUR per person


6. Olympic mountains skiing trips

Tour and skiing at the Olympic mountain of your choice (Igman, Bjelašnica, Jahorina)
Break includes barbecue and drink

Price 25.-EUR per person

7. Trip to Mostar

Visit: Mostar, Međugorje, Ljubuški, Čapljina, Blagaj – spring of the river Buna,...
Break includes lunch (fish- trout), coffee and juice

Price 25.-EUR per person


8. Trip to Sarajevo

Tour includes: Tunnel of hope visit, city tour and sightseeing
Break includes: Traditional ćevapi meal, coffee or juice in one of the most famous restaurants of Sarajevo, located at Baščaršija area

Price 25.-EUR per person



Additional information:

The price includes taxes and insurance, tickets for organized excursions, welcome drink…
The organizing of optional trips depends on the weather conditions and is planned with the group
Listed prices are for groups of 6 people, for smaller groups we reserve the right to correct the prices