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If you need transfer from Konjic to our location feel free to let us know.


If you want to experience the adventure, experience the beauty of unspoiled nature, experience the ultimate challenge, and all that in one day alone, with family or friends, an event that will provide you with a memory for a life time is rafting on the Neretva river. Safe, secure and guarantee for all of the above gives you an Tajo Raft.

Tajo Raft provides rafting Neretva River, kayaking and canoeing, fishing, camping, lodging, traditional cuisine, and after all sports and relaxation, rest on the terrace by the river Neretva during the whole season.

Tajo Raft is only 23 km upstream from the town of Konjic, in Glavatičevo where the rafting start zone is placed.

If you would like just to come and stay in the hotel, bungalows and tents, as well as to have a memorable rafting experience, security throughout the beautiful Neretva canyon is our concern, as well as transportation to return to our board, where you wait for local specialties.

  • Physicality: Low
    Physical rating

    From relaxed (low) to ones where you need to be fit to join in.


    No surprises here. These tours/activities are those most anyone can do if they are fine with fairly flat walks and getting in and out of transport.


    Like to be active, even very active, but not pushed too far. This is the one for you.


    These tours/activities require you to be very fit. Probably not suitable for children.

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    If you need transfer from Konjic to our location feel free to let us know.


  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM - 10.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (5.00 PM - 6.00 PM)


During a one-day, two-day or multi-day rafting trip, managed by experienced and licensed skippers, you can also relax, swim, fish, and enjoy in the rich cuisine of this region.

Previous experience is not necessary. Rafting tours are organized daily, and there is no minimum number of persons for the implementation of the arrangement.

Important: Shorts and T-shirt (avoid cotton), sports shoes or neoprene shoes is all you need to stay on the river. The rest is provided by Tajo raft.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation the deposit is non refundable.